Getting Started Mining LTZ

You can help validate LitecoinZ transactions and get paid real money by joining our network of miners. Any computer with a dedicated graphics card can contribute. Follow the steps below to get started mining.

  1. Choose an LTZ wallet and get your receiving address ready.
  2. Choose an LTZ mining pool from the list. Pools are servers that combine many miners into a team. Consider picking one that has fewer miners so our network has no single point of failure.
  3. Choose the appropriate mining software from the list. Pick one made for your brand of graphics card.
  4. Launch your mining software using the options provided by the mining pool you picked and your personal receiving address.
Table of mining pools Mining pool tracker. This site is updated more frequently than our list. Mining Pool Mining Pool Mining Pool Mining Pool Mining Pool Mining Pool
ZPool.CA Mining Pool Mining Pool

Mining Software

Download one of the mining software packages below depending on your brand of graphics card. It is a good idea to test each miner so you can see which has the fastest hash rate for your particular hardware.

Nvidia Miner

Usage: miniZ --url=[your ltz address]@[your]:[mining pool port] --par=144,5 --pers=ZcashPoW

Nvidia & AMD Miner

Usage: miner --server [your]:[mining pool port] --user [your ltz address] --algo equihash144_5 --pers=ZcashPoW

Nvidia & AMD Miner

Usage: lolMiner --pool [your]:[mining pool port] --user [your ltz address] --algo EQUI144_5 --pers=ZcashPoW

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