The modular sevice Based Architecture

LtzCore comes with everything you need to maintain a service for your buisness or project.

Empower the Blockchain for your Independence.

LtzCore gives a modular base, where here are guides for you to develop on LitecoinZ.
LtzCore is maintained by the LTZ-Team and a configuration of Bitcore to fit the specific Transaction formatting of LTZ.


Host your own wallet service for the LTZ Copay wallet.

Full Node

Learn how to run a LtzCore full node on the LitecoinZ network.

LTZ Standalone

How to run a LTZ full node standalone on the network.

Movement Alarm

There is a Address you want to watch?
This alram inform´s you what your Satoshi makes ;)

Lemonade Stand

Let you walk trought how to accept LTZ directly on your website.

Timestamp/I made this

Here we make a Timestamp Service to proof we made this.

LTZ as Daemon

How to run LTZ as a daemon.

Browser Builds

See how to build Ltzcore in the Browser.

Create Service

Learn how to make costum services on top of LtzCore.