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LTZ, the P2P crypto currency that enables users  to choose between private and transparent transactions for their individual needs without censorship.

The Unique Base

Built from the ground up and operating on its own Ledger it utilizes cryptographic zk-snarks with equihash 144-5 algorithm
enabling fast transactions throughout the network.

With the unique codebase and further improvemnets,
LitecoinZ can serve people around the world with Private, Reliable, Secure and Independend Blockchain Solutions.

White Paper

Native QT-Wallet

LTZ´s Native QT-Wallet is an reliable and secure Gateway, which doesn´t depend on 3rd-Party software like java that may introduce issues.

LTZ Copay-Wallet and Plugins

The LTZ Copay Wallet is a proven SPV wallet which makes transactions easier than running a Fullnode by still having total control over the private key´s.


the Bitcore™ conifguration for LitecoinZ´s
specific transaction formating to provide Buisness-Grade-Service-Tool´s.

The Full-Stake Libary gives access to build Wallet-Service , Timestamp Proof,Insight API , Payment gateway etc. for your business or project  in one Toolkit.