LitecoinZ is continuously evolving with Community Values and future advancements in a wide variety of blockchain Technologies.

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Providing the choice you Need.


LTZ the P2P crypto currency that enables users to choose between private and transparent transactions for their individual needs without censorship.

Built from the ground up and operating on its own Ledger it utilizes cryptographic zk-snarks with equihash 144-5 algorithm enabling fast transactions throughout the network.

Our Mission is to give everyone the Access to Independent Banking and Privacy .

Where the need of: "Sound Money" "Store of Value" "Censorship resistant payment/signature/message" "privacy enhancement" etc. is the choice of you taking part.

LTZ | Trust. Privacy. Choice.

Make the move, for Decentralization

Developing the Future with Blockchain

Technical Specifications

ASIC-Resistants maintains a GPU mineable and Decentralized Network for
everyone to join.


Max. Supply


Block Reward


Block Size

2.5 min

Block Time

LitecoinZ ( LTZ )

Being Decentralized is esential for our Development, so we can ensure that everyone has a choice of Indepentent Solutions.


is another feature which has a main place in Decentralized network´s against censorship. 

Equihash 144.5,

algorithm with the zk-SNARK´s implementation give´s Transparent t- and Private z-Addresses, which makes it great for your individual need. 

Native QT-Wallet

LTZ´s Native wallet comes without 3rd-party dependencies for stable usage and a secure gateway for transactions.

Privacy  Independence  Decentralization  Trust  Organic Growth  Choice  Truth  Transparency

LtzCore is the powerful blockchain Tool for the modular way
with the reliable time tested Bitcore configuration for LTZ.

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comes with a modular toolkit to provide a service based application development on the LTZ blockchain.
It gives full access to build Wallet-Service , Timestamp Proof,Insight API , Payment gateway etc. for your business or project.
Design the Future with us,  Let`Z  Built...

Join LitecoinZ, establish your Independence.

Official Native LTZ Wallet

The native QT wallets for Windows/MacOS/Linux provides users with full blockchain support  directly built from the source and compiled by the project Developer


Here are links to the network for source, web-wallet and overview of LitecoinZ.

Energy is what we use to Store Value over Time, choose your Independence and start using your Time/Value.

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Take part in LitecoinZ, to Design the Future together.


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