Zk-SNARKs Privacy Coin

LitecoinZ (LTZ) is an open source cryptocurrency that is the world's first Zcash fork to be merged back into the mainline Bitcoin codebase.

  • LitecoinZ retains all the power and stability of Bitcoin with the additional privacy and anonymity of Zcash shielded addresses.
  • LitecoinZ is a stable and highly secure alternative cryptocurrency that is true to Bitcoin's original objectives.
  • LitecoinZ was not premined, has no developer fee, and is 100% community developed.
  • LitecoinZ is traded on multiple exchanges and tracked by many cryptocurrency tools.

LitecoinZ is the private bank you own.

Blockchain Information

LitecoinZ is a fork of Zcash, which in turn is a fork of Bitcoin. However, where Zcash has diverged from Bitcoin's codebase and receives limited rebasing of new Bitcoin features, LitecoinZ has been fully merged back into the Bitcoin codebase.

LitecoinZ uses the reference Bitcoin node, called Bitcoin Core, as the base code for its node software and thus is completely interoperable with software designed to integrate with Bitcoin. Users familiar with Bitcoin Core's graphical interface will feel at home with LitecoinZ's.

LitecoinZ retains all of Zcash's powerful anonymizing features through the use of shielded addresses also known as z-addresses. These addresses utilize zk-SNARKs zero knowledge proofs to anonymize the source, destination, and amount of transactions between two shielded addresses. As is also the case with Zcash, standard Bitcoin addresses are also available in LitecoinZ due to the high computational requirements of shielded addresses.

Like its parent cryptocurrencies, LitecoinZ utilizes the concept of proof of work to ensure transactions are validated by trusted parties, also called miners. LitecoinZ mining utilizes the Equihash 144,5 algorithm which is designed to be run on consumer-available GPUs. Constraining LitecoinZ's mining to GPUs is believed to democratize the ownership of the network.

Table of key blockchain attributes
Parent Codebase Zcash
Block Time 10 minutes (prev. 2.5 minutes)
Block Size 8 MB
Block Reward 50 LTZ
Mining Algorithm Equihash 144,5
Maximum Supply 84,000,000 LTZ
First Block Date Dec 19, 2017
Next Halving Block 840,000
White Paper PDF
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